explor 0.3.7 Unreleased

  • Fix percentage of variance computation for prcomp() and princomp() (thanks @zenn1989)

explor 0.3.6 2020-05-02

  • Add support for textmodel_ca
  • Fix supplementary elements in dudi.coa
  • Change supplementary variables / individuals handling in dudi.* functions. You now have to supply the entire suprow() ou supcol() result instead if sub-elements $cosup and $lisup.
  • Fix individual plot point coloration by supplementary variable in dudi.mca
  • Add ability to select which supplementary variable to display
  • Add support for qualitative supplementary variables in FactoMineR::CA
  • Fix error when color on “None” in MCA biplot
  • Add ability to prepend variable name to labels in MCA variable plot (thanks @larmarange)

explor 0.3.5 2019-04-17

  • Upgrade to scatterD3 0.9
  • Add automatic labels positioning
  • Add biplot to MCA interface

explor 0.3.4 2018-09-13

  • Fix improper computation in levels number in FactoMineR::PCA (thanks @Bhavanight)
  • Fox compatibility with ade4 1.7-13

explor 0.3.3 2017-10-10

  • Fix CRAN tests

explor 0.3.2 2017-06-22

  • Compatibility with dplyr 0.7
  • Add eigenvalues table beside barplot
  • Change points opacity according to contrib or cos2 in PCA/MCA individual plots (suggestion by @ginolhac)
  • Add ability to hide individuals points labels based on contribution value (suggestion by @ginolhac)

explor 0.3.1 2016-12-15

  • Compatibility with ade4 1.7-5

explor 0.3.0 2016-11-21

  • Add a “Get R code” button which allows to get the R code to reproduce the displayed plot (minus custom labels positions)
  • Add support for princomp and prcomp
  • Add support for MASS::mca
  • Add support for GDAtools::speMCA
  • Qualitative supplementary variables are now displayed with FactoMineR::PCA results
  • explor.MCA now works if MCA has been called with an excl argument
  • Code refactoring

explor 0.2.1 2016-03-24

  • Bugfix : core dump in explor.MCA when only one supplementary qualitative variable
  • Bugfix : No variable plot when missing scale argument in dudi.pca
  • Fix test failing with next testthat version

explor 0.2 2016-03-03

  • Add ability to select points with lasso
  • Add ellipses to color mapping variables
  • Add ability to color individual points according to one of the qualitative variables in MCA
  • Add control to hide Rows or Columns in CA plot and tables
  • Add the ability to change point size and sizes range in variables plots for CA and MCA.

explor 0.1 2015-12-15

  • First version