shinyglide is an R package which provides carousel-like or assistant-like components to shiny applications, thanks to the Glide JavaScript library.

It allows to create this sort of app:


Or can be integrated into an existing app to create an “assistant-like” interface:



  • Responsive, navigation by mouse, keyboard, swiping
  • Controls are completely customizable
  • Next and Back controls can be disabled until an input condition is met (same syntax as shiny::conditionalPanel)
  • “Screens” can be generated or hidden depending on user inputs. Loading time are taken into accounts (disabled Next button and customizable animation)
  • Integration with Shiny modal dialogs
  • Multiple glides per app


You can install the stable version with :


And the development version with :



A shinyglide component is created with the glide() function. This component is then divided intro screens with the screen() function.

Here is the code of a very basic app :

```{r} library(shiny) library(shinyglide)

ui <- fixedPage(style = “max-width: 500px;”, titlePanel(“Simple shinyglide app”),

glide( height = “350px”, screen( p(“This is a very simple shinyglide application.”), p(“Please click on Next to go to the next screen.”) ), screen( p(“Please choose a value.”), numericInput(“n”, “n”, value = 10, min = 10) ), screen( p(“And here is the result.”), plotOutput(“plot”) ) ) )

server <- function(input, output, session) {

output$plot <- renderPlot({ hist( rnorm(input$n), main = paste(“n =”, input$n), xlab = “” ) })


shinyApp(ui, server)

For more information, see the three available vignettes :

-   [Introduction to shinyglide](
-   [Conditional controls and screen output](
-   [Custom controls](

## Development notes

This package uses [packer]( to manage JavaScript source code and dependencies. If you want to modify it, you'll need a working installation of [Node.js](

After cloning this repository, run the following in a terminal at the project root :

npm install

Then, if you modify the JavaScript code in srcjs, you’ll have to run the following command to bundle and update the widget JavaScript code :


If you want to ship a minimized production version, use :