rainette (development version) Unreleased

rainette 0.2.1 Unreleased

  • Add option to show merged segments in document browser
  • Fix warning and error in rainette_explor and rainette2_explor when a cluster dfm is empty
  • Fix error when the dfm contains empty string as feature

rainette 0.2.0 2021-06-25

Important and breaking changes

  • min_uc_size, uc_size1 and uc_size2 arguments to rainette and rainette2 have been renamed to min_segment_size, min_segment_size1 and min_segment_size2.
  • The default value of min_segment_size in rainette is now 0, which means that no merging is done between segments by default. Results could then be different from previous package versions when min_uc_size was not specified.
  • Important bugfix : merging of segments based on min_segment_size was not handled correctly in the previous versions regarding the segment sources, as segments from different documents could be merged together. This should now be fixed.

New features

  • A new graphical interface to browse cluster documents has been added to rainette_explor and rainette2_explor.
  • New function clusters_by_doc_table which gives the number of segments of each cluster for each document.
  • New function docs_by_cluster_table which gives, for each cluster, the number of documents with at least one segment in this cluster.
  • split_segments should now be about 4 times faster.
  • Terms frequencies and documents proportions statistics have been added to the explor interfaces.


  • When rainette is called with min_segment_size > 0, a doc_id argument must be given which is the name of a dtm docvar identifying the segments source. If the corpus has been produced by split_segments, the added segment_source docvar is used by default.
  • Color palette for clusters changed to “Tableau 10”.
  • Negative keyness values are not shown by default anymore in rainette_explor, rainette2_explor, rainette_plot and rainette2_plot.
  • Wordcloud plots have been removed from explor interfaces.
  • A warning is displayed when min_split_members < 3.
  • If rainette_explor is called on a rainette2 results object, rainette2_explor is launched automatically.

rainette 0.1.3 2021-05-11

  • Parallel computing in split_segments has been removed
  • Fix potential name conflicts in rainette_explor
  • Compatibility with quanteda v3 (thanks @kbenoit)

rainette 0.1.2 2021-01-20

  • Fix bug due to factor comparison in rainette2

rainette 0.1.1 2020-05-09

  • Compatibility with dplyr 1.0
  • Fix bug in p threshold in rainette_stats

rainette 0.1.0 Unreleased

  • First version